Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hurt passes a milestone

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I get a special sense of wonder from stats. Weird, I know. But with people reviewing less and less, the only sign I have that people are reading my fanfiction is the stats that provides. A lot of my stats are re-reads and they can’t review a second time.
There is a ‘legacy’ button that gives you a table of all your hits, how many reviews, words, communities etc. for each story posted. At the moment, my legacy table looks like this.

I was refreshing like a newbie to watch Hurt pass the half million mark.
Hurt was my super angsty story (I made myself sob)  of Sam and Bella based on the song by the Nine Inch Nails. The cover by Johnny Cash is in my short list of cover songs better than the original.
Their love is complicated by the fact that Sam is with his imprint, Emily, but she treats him very badly; sure that she will never lose him. And Bella is lost and hunted by vampires and struggling with her own emotions. It always struck me as odd in the books that, way before Bella worked out that Jake was a wolf, her life was pretty heavily impacted by Sam. He found her when she was lost in the forest after chasing Edward and his actions saved her again in the meadow. She dreamed of him. And Bella’s dreams always meant something.
blahblahblahinfinity keeps begging me to write the AU of my own fanfic in which Bella and Paul stay together. She swears she has scars from me breaking them up. Sniffs… I know, honey, I know. I sobbed when I wrote it and I still cry whenever I read that chapter.
Another story ‘I’ll be home forChristmas’ has ever so quietly crept up the statistics table. It now pulls the same number of daily hits as Closer to God. An amazing feat given that it is a crazy premise (I made the older generation phase) and a very unusual pairing. It has also crept up to sixth place in my top ten for legacy hits. I am very proud of Josh and Izzy as well.
And my total hits are over seven million.
Pats self on back.

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