Sunday, 11 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 10

Daily word count: 10,242** [according to 4theWords]
Total word count: 20,297
**Scrivener says 2,456 and Nano says 2,456 OMG a WIN! They agree… *the crowd cheers* people throw confetti* YAY
And yes, I messaged 4theWords to let them know about my new glitch. And I did not collect the super special headdress for writing 50k because my total of 64,444 is just not right. It’d be like cheating at solitaire. [some days I am so rulebound]
Well, just to add to my reading list another reserved library audiobook pinged its way onto my e-shelf. Dangit. Hear me now, next time I will only borrow available books… sure, sure, AM. If the book is new or popular, then it’s going to have to be reserved. You KNOW you will succumb to this particular temptation.
Yeah… I yam what I yam.
Points to me, I returned Nordic Myths early, so I messed up someone else’s reserve queue order… maybe. I’m still not sure what the etiquette on this is.
Kid 2 and I took a break and watched ‘Midnight, Texas’. Man, that show is just plain silly, but it looks good whilst it’s doing it. I read the book and I’m not even sure how they got half the cast from the book I read, but never mind… Charlaine Harris has almost all of her series made into TV shows these days. I haven’t seen any of the Aurora teagarden ones but they’re on the list.
In an attempt to lighten some of my PC’s load, I archived five years of my Goodreads Scrivener file. It was enormous. And probably super memory hungry. So let’s see if it functions better with that load shuffled off. I can always use the Goodreads site itself to see what I thought about a particular book or author. I do write notes to myself, sometimes, but it’s rare. It’ll work!
Thank goodness I realised I could hit ‘save as’, rename it archive and just delete the files I didn’t want to archive, whilst keeping the other file unchanged, then going into it and deleting the archived files. Is it a lesson for the day that ‘it’s easier to delete than it is to copy and paste’?
It’s not much of a challenge to ‘it’s better to burn out than it is to rust’.
Wow, now, I’m showing my age, eh?
Keep writing!

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