Saturday, 10 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 9

Daily word count: 31,405**… [Scrivener says 1739, and Nano says 1751]
Total word count: 17,841 … maybe?
LOOK, I don’t KNOW, okay?
** oh, my god 4the Words, NO!
Exactly HOW have I broken this program so badly??? Seriously?
According to its own file word count, I have 17,719 words in my Nano2018 project, which is another total again.

What on earth?
I honestly do NOT know how I can make this many different word counts. I mean, it ought to be simple, right? You count the words! You just have to count the things between the spaces…
At any rate… in other news, I managed to finish the audio book for Norse Mythology and I immediately started the next one. It’s ‘Call me by Your Name’ read by one of the stars of the movie, Armie Hammer.
Sighs happily.
Kid 3 just gave me one of their trademark ‘looks’.
‘Okay,’ I blustered. ‘I bought the ebook, and I’ve read it, I read the screenplay, and now I’m listening to the audiobook. It’s different.’
‘Mum, we still haven’t watched the movie that you already bought.’
‘I know… it’ll make me cry.’
Thus, the look.
Gah, it will. I know it will. So I have to be in the right mood for it. [I am aware that this makes no sense… it’s me.]
I have a whole pile of movies I have actually purchased on DVD and then been unable to actually sit down and watch. You know, like: Children of Men, A Solitary Man, Black Swan, the Fountain…
I will have to contact 4theWords again and tell them of my new glitch. It’s actually trying to give me an award based on my word count, which just isn’t fair. I didn’t earn it; not properly.
The day I do Nanowrimo in nine days, you’ll hear about it, believe me!

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