Thursday, 29 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 28

Daily word count:  1,017
Total word count:  51,387
All credit to 4theWords - even though I passed the 50k mark yesterday, this morning I sat down and banged out a few more words because I didn’t want to break my streak.
To qualify you have to write 444 words per day. That’s not a huge amount. But per day that’s 162,060 words a year. Which is a whole book, or two shortish ones.

Look at that blue streak… wait, is that why it’s blue, because streaks are blue in the saying?
But it was ‘talk a blue streak’, wasn’t it. *checks Merriam-Webster*
I am correct ^^
Huh. From now on, I am typing a blue streak.
I have invented a new idiom.
Sure, sure, AM.
I had better verify my win before the time runs out. Remember that year I failed by under 300 words? Ah, good times. $$
In other news, Sydney is not only alarmingly cold for November but today it is also under water. We have had four times our monthly November rainfall in ONE storm with 100mm (or 4 inches) in 90 minutes. Imagine what that’s doing to the city? In better news, my roof *crosses everything* is NOT leaking.
I think… I mean I’m standing under the parts that used to leak straining my ears to hear even a single tell-tale drip … and I reckon it’s good. &&
More story ideas:
An Irish amateur football team has issued an apology for a "grave and unacceptable mistake" after it falsely reported that one of its players had died last week.
Omg… why? Who thought that was a good idea? Who had to pretend to be dead? How did that work? What did their families and partners think? That they were idiots, obviously…
So many story ideas…

^^ blue streak definition (2) a constant stream of words, example: talked a blue streak
$$ it was NOT good times; it was the worst of times…
&& the tell-tale heart is SO much more atmospheric than the tell-tale drip, eh? But I am also getting very deaf in my old age. What? Who says I play my music too loud?

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