Thursday, 8 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 7

Daily word count: ???
Total word count: ???
Oh boy… it is on brand for me to break computers and programs. 4theWords insists that I have written 5,632 words today. I haven’t; I know I haven’t. There are only 3,802 words in the document. It shouted at me when my file got over 10k and insisted that I make smaller documents within a larger file project. So I did that half way through yesterday. So I really can’t have written more words than there are in the document, eh?
But I have a backup! I started a Scrivener file to hold my back-ups and to work as a double save file. It auto backups to google. Call it overkill if you will.
Woot. I am all over this. Competence, my middle name is competence.
*Opens Scrivener file *copies* cuts* pastes*
Hmmm… well, NOW let’s see what Scrivener says.
Daily word count: 6,273
Total word count: 13,807
Oh, for fuck’s sake. Now I’ve broken Scrivener, too?! There is no WAY I did half my word count today!!?
*face palms*
When I put a total count of 13,807 into the Nanowrimo site I get a daily increase of 1,993.
That’s it! I give up!
*Throws hands up in the air*
Sighs deeply. I’m over the graph line; nothing else matters.

Yesterday, I forgot to add that I was also baking sourdough late at night. Compelled by an electric fan-forced oven and the imminent arrival of electricians.
Yes. I resurrected my starter.
Look at that.

Now that is a decent loaf. A bad photo, but a decent loaf.
For the record, the cast iron pot is a 5 litre one from Ikea.
The electricians came, and efficiently did everything on my list. There is a light in my pantry. I make a happy squeal noise each time I open the door.
PS: all credit to 4theWords. I messaged them to say there was an issue with the site showing a streak - the blue line that shows you have written daily. I know my step counter streak makes me walk every day and I have long been looking for some type of word counter that would do the same. Today, it’s fixed. Well done, guys.

There’s a 30 day trial but if you want to sign up, use my code, and we’ll both get extra crystals. [You use crystals to buy subscription time.] It’s SPYKA97002
There is also a wiki here if you want to get some idea of how it all works:
4thewords Wiki

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