Friday, 16 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 15

Daily word count:  1,940
Total word count:  29,729
Oops I forgot to do my morning blogpost for the day before. Better late than never, eh?
Well, I think this draft is officially what they call a ‘discovery draft’. That’s just a fancy term for making it up as I go along. Which can also be called ‘pantsing’ - ie. writing by the seat of your pants.
I know the ending I am writing towards, so it’s not entirely pantsing. There’s a plan; it’s just very vague (or even blank) in the middle.
I’m plantsing? Some odd combination of plotting and pantsing?
More articles in the daily news from that reality TV dude for the fodder mill.
*rubs hands* mutters ‘excellent’ to self.
I’m off to the library to return a book that I did not entirely enjoy. *shrugs* that’s life, eh?
Then more writing. I am starting to plan my 4theWords day. I need to collect more of these items, so I need to target these creatures… it’s an incidental thing to me what time and word count they have.
Wait… THIS is how it works! Sneaky buggers.

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