Friday, 9 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 8

Daily word count: 4,283… [no, it really wasn’t. Scrivener says 2,283]
Total word count: 16,090 … maybe?
It was a normal-ish day… I still squee at opening the pantry and seeing my new light. I battled many small, wordy monsters.
My glitch with 4theWords continues, but oddly in my favour. I set out to battle one of the November specials: Snowfell is a monster wearing a George RR Martin cap with a small dragon along his shoulders. He requires a target of 1667 words and gives you 1440 mins (one day or 24 hours) to defeat him. I did it in three minutes.
Yes, I am a blindingly fast typist.
*blows on knuckles*
No, no I am not.
My peculiar skill of breaking computer programs popped up again.
Yay? Sighs.
I had some appointments today. I guess it’s a good thing when I am so busy scribbling dialog for my Nanowrimo novel in my notebook that I forgot to get off the train at my stop. Thank goodness, I realised as I got to the next station. I had to get off, change platforms and go back again. I was early enough to still make my appointment on time.
I swear it’s a coping mechanism of ADHD people to be so early to make up for any disaster that may conceivably happen. And sometimes does…
At home, we had doggy day care; Kid Extra dog-sits most Thursdays and today was no different.
In my continuing battle with technology… no, actually I don’t mean to make it a war; tech just doesn’t like me, attacks me, and breaks its own head against my invulnerable hide. Or something like that… Shrugs.
I broke Microsoft Outlook today, as well.
*Sighs again*
And people ask why I most often choose to write in a notebook with a pen. Notebooks don’t crash.

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