Monday, 19 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 18

Daily word count:  483
Total word count:  32,413
A bit of a lay day. Life happened. And I found it difficult to write a happy, romantic story where people get a happy ending when others don’t.
I had enough scribbled written notes from the night before to keep my daily writing streak going on 4theWords and then I just messed about. Hey *shrugs* it was Sunday.
So I did my usual things, one of which is checking the Amazon bestseller charts and I noticed a couple of gems in the free chart.

Looks like someone in Australian publishing has done an Amazon marketing course… finally. It’s a self-publishing strategy to give away the first book free, and then place links inside it that send the buyer to your email list, or allow them to download the second book for a discount. I think it’s called a ‘loss leader’ in marketing.
I have ranted in the past about how the big publishers were laughably behind self-publishers with strategy and method. In the past, they uploaded a ‘sample’ of a book with a separate ISBN number, when reading a sample is already built into the Amazon system. They cluttered up the system and got angry one star reviews from reviewers… like me.
Both these titles are older ones, and first volumes of a continuing series.
But they may be in trouble for that Prada title.
The Devil Wears Prada: Loved the movie? Read the book! (The Devil Wears Prada Series, Book 1)Kindle Edition by Lauren Weisberger
And they still don’t quite have it together; Pillars is under Romance.

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