Thursday, 15 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 14

Daily word count:  3,985
Total word count:  27,789
Huh… big day, eh?
I have written more than one path to the ending. It fits with the several meet cutes at the beginning… lol.
I had a week of medical appointments for various reasons. I will confess that I won’t buy trashy gossip magazines but I will definitely read them if they’re in the basket in the waiting room.
For a storyteller they’re chock full of ideas.
Article #1
An interview with a star of several reality TV shows who has just written a biography. He’s talking about his struggles with mental health and life in the ‘real’ reality.
Story brain: oh hey, maybe that’s what happened to Elliot’s brother? I finished one of my three-quarter written stories with an image where this obviously Aussie bloke walked up the road to the house wearing jeans, no shirt, and carrying his Akubra hat in his hand. I can see him; I just didn’t know where he’s been.
What if he’s totally burnt out after being in a reality show? And at his lowest ebb, he’s gone to his brother.
Article #2
The Bachelor, interviewed before the filming of the most recent series. His greatest fear is having regrets.
The series is done now, and boy does he have regrets. It came down to the final decision between two women and he chose… neither. You can imagine what social media did to him.
Story brain: more fodder for the reality TV brother idea.
Article #3
An advertisement for a property in the Southern Highlands. A mere steal at $2.3m. The Sydney property market is one of the most expensive in the world and the median price is $1,144,217 - that’s after prices FELL for several quarters. For instance, the house I covet on my daily walks is valued at $4.3m. [Do I have expensive taste? Yes, yes I do.]
Someone is going to live in this house. I just don’t know who, yet. But now I have a floor plan and photos.
Article #4
Dishing the dirt on his family history, a choreographer tells how his boyfriend of five years married his sister after they broke up. They’ve been married for more than twenty years now and have kids. He’s clearly still salty about it.
Story brain: OH, COME ON. If I wrote THAT in a story people would tell me it was ridiculous. Imagine the Christmas dinners; just imagine them!
And people keep asking me where I get my story ideas from…

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