Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 13

Daily word count:   1,501 ** [according to 4theWords, 1,419 according to Scrivener.]
Total word count:  23, 804 on Scrivener.
After more emails with the 4theWords programmer they will reset my word count to whatever it actually is… slightly above the total word count for the project rather than the 67,568 the program has chosen to give me.
I do NOT deserve a special head-dress for doing 50k in a week.
Do NOT tempt me with these things.
There’s no way they can fix the record list of creatures I ‘defeated’ when I really didn’t, so I guess that’ll work. Whatever… it’s certainly making me write. Now I just need to collect claws, and feathers. I have a quest, people!
Checked this morning and it’s done. 4theWords is VERY quick on responding to issues.

Eh, close enough.

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