Friday, 2 November 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 signup

To nano or not to nano?
*spoiler alert* I signed up.
As per usual I left it to the last minute, or the first day. I was listening to Writing Excuses and Mary Robinette Kowal said something about how she’d written all her books in Nano and that it didn’t matter if you won or lost, you had a pile of words at the end of it.
Nano works for me. I do the words. I’m also going to sign up for 4theWords app. I hear great things about it from Mur Lafferty and Rachael Stephens.
I will try to keep a blog diary; may as well… and no, it won’t count towards my word count. Worst luck. *grins*
So it’s the second day of the month and what’s the first thing that happens? My PC crashes.
Ah well, I drag out the Chromebook.
Turn it on. Nothing happens. The black screen of death.
I am cursed; cursed I tell you!

I fixed the Chromebook after holding start button down for seven long seconds and praying to all the gods of writing. By then the PC had thought better of itself and restarted.
Hope dawns in the distance…

Rachael Stephens - youtube

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